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What are Wicked Good Doormats?

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They are the world's best outdoor mat! Handwoven from specially engineered lobster rope to create an ultra strong and firmly woven mat.

Lobster rope's primary purpose is to tether lobster traps in the sea, keeping them together in all weather. It is exceptional material for outdoor use. Wicked Good rope has gone even further with its blend of polypropylene and polyethylene fibers to create a rope even stronger than standard lobster rope.

Are these weatherproof outdoor mats?

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Absolutely! This rope excels in wet areas because it dries so quickly, making it perfect for outdoor use.

Are Wicked Good Doormats made from new or recycled rope?

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Wicked Good Doormats are handwoven from new rope. They are a great solution for those who believe in investing in quality over quantity. One Wicked Good Doormat will last for years.

How long do Wicked Good Doormats last?

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We believe a doormat should last for years, not just a season, and look great the whole time. With its combination of weather-resistant marine rope and added UV protection, Wicked Good Doormats last for many, many years.

How do Wicked Good Doormats work?

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The weave of our doormats serves two purposes: first, its raised ridges scrub dirt and mud off your boots and shoes. It's a “catch and release” weave that passes dirt right through so your mat does not get bogged down with dirt, debris, and odors over time. Simply lift and sweep away occasionally. They are both tough as dirt and tough on dirt.

How do I clean my doormat?

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It is so easy to clean your doormat - since the dirt does not sit on top like most mats, you don't need to labor away with a vacuum to get it looking new again. Simply hose it down with a garden hose. There's no need to use any abrasive or harsh cleaning products. Because it dries quickly, it doesn’t harbor bad odors at all and will never mildew or mold, so guests are always greeted with a fresh welcome mat. 

Will my doormat fade over time?

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All rope will eventually fade over a long period of time, especially reds and oranges. However, we have added 5-6 times the standard UV protection to our rope fibers so they age beautifully while maintaining their visual appeal and durability.

Can I use a Wicked Good Doormat in wet areas?

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You sure can! Wicked Good Doormats rope is fast-drying, making it an exceptional material for wet areas. These outdoor mats are resistant to mildew and mold; they are breathable and remain fresh even in extreme weather, and they never retain unpleasant odors.

How do I keep my doormat in place?

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Weighing up to 9-10 lbs. Wicked Good Doormats stay in place very well - even on windy days - on surfaces that are not slippery. They are recommended for non-skid surfaces only unless anchored with a reliable rug pad.

Where are Wicked Good Doormats made?

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They are handwoven here in Maine.

Do Wicked Good Doormats make good gifts?

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They make perfect gifts for anyone who appreciates a quality product! Great for new homeowners, those who want to spruce up their front door, and anyone who loves Maine or the beach. Of course, we send a lot of these unique doormats to mountain and lake areas as well. They make a top quality gift that lasts for years.

Do Wicked Good Doormats sell well in gift shops?

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Not only do they sell well, but they get a lot of visual attention with their bright and bold colors. People love to hear the story of the "Lobster Rope Doormat" and how it is woven from the same type of rope fishermen use on lobster boats.

What doormat size should I stock in my store?

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Always start with the most popular size, 18" x 30". This size is often the most gifted as well. 

What are the key selling points for a Wicked Good Doormat?

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For all shops, it is the value of owning a quality product that will add lasting beauty to your home. For shops near the coast, there is the added benefit of helping shoppers take their beach vacation home with them. It's fun to be reminded of pleasant vacation memories every time you come home.

What types of customers buy Wicked Good Doormats?

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Home decor enthusiasts, those interested in creating an Instagram-worthy front entrance, summer residents in coastal areas, beach or lake house owners, and especially those who live in wetter climates and are frustrated with the performance of their current doormats. Wicked Good Doormats solve that problem for them instantly!

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